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The dust settled and the dark figure steadily advanced. Something gleamed in the
light. It was thin and flexable. Integra was the first to recognise it.

"Walter! Is that you."

The figure stepped out of the shadows and was seen clearly for the first time.
It was indeed the Hellsing family butler. He was wearing a black pinstripe suit
and fingerless gloves. His hair seemed fuller and darker than usual and he had
less wrinkles. His eyes were also blood red. It was clear what had happened. The
bulter had turned traitor and joined forces with the Millennium battalion.

"Yes Lady Integra it is me."

Seras piped up.

"Walter! What the hell did they?"

"What did they? Well I was captured, brainwashed, transformed into a vampire,
and am currently forced to fight my former employees. Or if I answered thusly
would it satisfy you Seras? I stand here under orders from no one! I stand here
as myself! As Walter C. Dornez! In light of my bloodthirst I believe I will
sever you all this dawn."

Alucard rose from his spot in the rubble.

"What are my orders Sir Integra? I can kill without a moments hesitation. I can
obliterate without a second thought because I am a monster. But what will truly
kill is your intent. What are my orders Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates

Integra stood motionless. This was the man that basically spoon fed her since
birth. Her closest friend in the organization. Up in the Deus Ex Machina herr
Major was watching the scene with delight.

"Say it fraulein!"

The rest of the battalion members took up the chant.

"Say it! Go on and say it!"

Even Walter down below took it up without hearing his current master.

"Say it! You must say it!"

"SEARCH AND DESTROY! Nothing has changed my servant! You have your marching
orders! Now carry them out! All enemies are to be crushed underfoot! No matter
.. *sniff* no matter who they maybe. Walter I won't ask what happened or why.
But know this you are officially an enemy of Hellsing."

Alucard rose and held up his hand. From his point of view he was crushing Walter
in the palm of his hand.

"Yessss my master."

"Truly magnificent! You really were a master worthy of my service."

A voice spoke up over the blimp's intercom.

"AHAHAHAHAhA! Vell executed mein fraulein! I am sorry if I ever called you un
ameteur. I vill never do it again. Now come. I call!"

The Deus Ex Machina landed in the middle of London and entrances opened up.

All the talk really irked Yumie. She dashed forward, katana at the ready.

"I don't know about the whole master/servant bullsh*t and I don't care."

Yumie dashed past the butler and swung around.

"I've got you now!"

"No I've got you."

Yumie was inexpicaty sliced in half. It was Walter's razor wire.


Henikel raised her guns but that was as far as it went. The barrel of a
customized Mauser C96 touched her cheek and the trigger was pulled. The bullet
went through her cheek and blew out the other. It was a clear message to
everyone. 'This is the no-life king's fight'. The man with the Mauser tossed
Henikel a first aid kit and threw another one at Anderson. Apperently the Nazi
was a nice one. He probably didn't want this war to even happen but was too
loyal to betray his masters. Seras ran over to Anderson and helped fix bandages
to his arm. The wound was stitching together but he probably shouldn't move the
arm too much.

"Seras go. And take that priest with you."

"B-but what about you master?"

"A master needs some time alone."

Seras nodded and turned. Anderson looked at his rival one last time.

"If ah couldn't kill yee then tha abomination sure as Hell can't."

Alucard chuckled.

"You be carefull to Judas Priest."

Anderson turned and followed Seras and Integra into the Deus Ex Machina. A
cat-boy was there to greet them.



"They're all jokers. I see your bet."

Outside Alucard and his familiars engaged Walter. Inside Seras and Anderson
started kicking unholy ass. The Nazis came in droves. None were a match for the
vamp and priest. They made their way down the corridor till they met the man in
green again. He pointed to a direction. Integra read the plaque before nodding
and moving in that direction.

"Seras, Anderson, do you think you can take care of him."

"Yes sir!"

"Ah can try."

"Good. I will never forgive you if you don't return."

Both nodded and looked back at the man. Anderson unsheathed his blades and

"Yer jus' another vampire!"

Anderson couldn't have been more wrong. The man lashed out with his foot sending
Anderson flying. Anderson coughed up some blood. The kick was increadably
powerful. Anderson didn't have to ask Alucard how the kick to the head felt
anymore. The man's frame buckled and warped into a beastal one. Soon a giant,
snow white, wolf stared down at the couple. The wolf-man overwhelmed the two
with brute force. He hit so hard the trio broke through the floor and entered
another room. It was a room full of money and weapons.

"Curse this. It had tae be a werewolf! Curse these steel blades."

The wolf-man tossed Anderson something. It was a silver tooth.

"Ah so yee are a nice doggy. He wants tae die. Ah will oblige."

Anderson and Seras attacked as one. They outflanked the old wolf. Seras' fists
colided with the wolf's and both of their arms shattered. The wolf brought up
his knee and Seras cought it in her fanged mouth. Anderson dashed up. He had
grafted the tooth to the end of his blade and drove it into the wolf's heart. He
fell to the floor limp. Seddently he broke out into a huge grin before bursting
into flames. Seras' arms regenerated. She then heard a voice in her head.

"This appears to be it. I'm sorry Seras but I must go."

Seras felt her connection with her master cease and she passed out.

To be continued
Ima back!

I do not own the characters used!
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well another good chapter, oh and well i'm sorry for your problems whit well the former picture as it was good and well yeah. don't lose hope
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