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The three people in the car looked nothing out of the ordinairy. Infact they
looked like a small family. It was their destination that was warped and
twisted. The once bustling with life city had now been transformed into a haven
for the undead. Anderson drove twards the center of the city. He wanted to get
as close to the zepolin (hindenburg II) as possible. When Anderson judged he was
close enough he stopped and stepped out of the car. Then a burst of light broke
out behind him. All three of the party whipped around to gaze at the briliant
light. It was some form of flare in the shape of an angel. Anderson spotted a
helicopter carrying what looked like the pope-mobile.

"Wha in tha blood-soaked prodistant hell?"

"I was going to ask the same thing Father Anderson."

Integra didn't even look at Anderson when she spoke. Seras didn't say a thing.
She only looped her arm through Anderson's. A voice spoke over the intercom
mounted on the inside of the car. It was Maxwell's.

"So you betrayed us. Maxwell."

Anderson stepped up behind Integra.

"We shouldn't be hard on ourselves for letting it happen. In fact
double-crossing should be comemorated in war. But this is different. Ah danne
like it! Your a drunk fool Enrico. Drunk on attention and power. ... Yee bloody

More and more helicopters started to spill into the city through the veil of ash
that coated the skies. They started to drop in warriors that looked like they
belonged to the KKK. Anderson would have doubled over laughing at their
rediculios outfits if the situation had been any lighter. But it wasn't so he
wasn't. Then a dark and familiar aura touched the hearts of all thoes presant.
Every head in England snapped to one direction.

"That man! My master arrives!"

"Heh heh heh. Tha is jus' perfect! The plauge, the prince of darkness comes!"

Integra only smirked as her servant drew near. Anderson and Seras watched in
delight as a fog started to roll under London Bridge. A desicrated carrier ship
emerged from the gloom. Anderson chuckled when he heard Enrico flipping out in
his mini truck. Anderson watched the little figure of Alucard dash off the hull
of the ship and off the roofs of a few homes. The figure floated in mid-air for
a moment until it came to a rest smack-dab right in the middle of both armies.
Anderson teleported to the area with his bible. He saw a little green figure
drop from the Deus Ex Machina and hit the ground with some force. Both the
priest and the figure in green strode over to the vampire. They were inches from
eachother. A dull memory lit up in the back of Anderson's brain as he glared at
the vampire. Anderson quickly brushed it away.

"Master! My master Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing! Order! Give me an

"Nothing has changed my servant! All obstacles are to be crushed underfoot and
reduced to ash! Search and Destroy! SEARCH AND DESTROY! Reduce control art
restriction system to level zero! Strike!"

"Under stood my master."

Alucard breathed in deeply. Absorbing the scent and essince of the carnage and
the battlefield itself.

"The bird of hermes is my name! Eating my wings--!"

Anderson wouldn't alow Alucard to say any more. Anderson stabbed Alucard several
times over. The man in the green great-coat and cap spurred to life. He flipped
around and delivered a devistating round-house kick to Alucard's head. The
soilders took the idea and started to discharge their weapons on Alucard. Funny
isn't it? Holy men and Nazis working together to stop just one man. One man who
could kill them all without any regret nor a moments hesitation. Anderson and
the Nazi in the coat retreated and dashed up the sides of a pair of buildings.

"Everyone here can feel it! This dreadful feeling. If this monster isn't
defeated soon, we will all die!"

"-- to make me tame."

With thoes bairly audable words shadow-matter spread out consuming the
frontlines. Ghouls, vampires, people, and even soilders rose from the dark mush.
There were hundrets then thousands then millions! The sea of death reached high
into the night sky. Enrico looked down at the scene in horror. Did he pick the
wrong fight? Suddently the name Alucard made sence. It flashed through his
fear-filled brain in reverse.

"Monster! Devil! Drac- Dracula!!!"

Alucard rose from the sea of death in full armor. His original, human form. Vlad
Dracul III. Vlad the Impaler. Vladicard's familiars made short work of the
living and the undead near his master and fledgeling. The veteran warrior strode
over to the two and he knelt down on one knee before integra.

"Welcome home count."

"I'm home countess."

Anderson saw something hit Maxwell's chopper and the car hit the ground. The
protective glass did not shatter. Maxwell rose steadily. Blood was pouring from
the crown of his head. Familiars swarmed the car and tapped the glass. Maxwell
looked like a zoo exibit swarmed by curious children.

"Ha! You stupid monsters! This is renforced plexi-glass! You can't hope to break
this in a million years!"

Anderson had to stop this tyrant. He tossed a bayonet at the car. The blade
embeded itself into the glass milimeters away from Maxwell's face.

"Wha!? Anderson!?!?! Save me! Anderson! Teacher! Teacher!"

Anderson made no move to help. He stood and watched and familiars swarmed and
impaled Maxwell. Once the familiars left Anderson closed the eyes of the
lifeless corpse and walked a few feet away. He pulled out an ear-piece.

"This is father Anderson. If yee wish tae join me then do so. Ah will go after
Alucard. This is mah chance. Pergatory is full say join me in tha charge tae

Anderson didn't wait for a responce. He crushed the gadget in the palm of his
hand and teleported away with his bible.

"W-welcome back masta'!"

Seras popped up out of nowhere. Alucard's face was blank.

"You have a moustache. Here."

Seras pointed to her own lip as if she had one. Vladicard rose and reached out.
Seras finched not expecting anything good. The hand patted Seras' head and
ruffled her hair.

"Seras. Seras Victoria."

Seras looked up and for once Alucard's face was full of joy and pride. Seras
smiled and stood up straighter. The tender moment was broken by an angry battle
cry from .. Above!? Anderson dove down and attacked Vladicard. Vladicard
countered with his own blade. Anderson landed and scawled.

"This is just perfect! My arch-nemesis! Come and show me divine punishment! Come
pierce the entrails of this heart and end this dream! Just like 500 years ago.
Just like 100 years ago!"

"Yee danne need tae tell me twice! We are the divine instraments o' God! AMEN!"

Anderson dashed forward and a small blue aura appeared infront of him. It read
'Jesus Christ is in heaven now' and 'Speak with the dead'. The aura charged
Anderson's blade consuming it in blue fire. Anderson and Vladicard's blades
clashed and fire and sparks flew. There was a shallow cut just below Vladicard's
right eye, but that was it. Anderson's strongets attack was shrugged off like it
was nothing! Anderson jumped back a few feet. He was Vladicard now! No guns!
Long range fighting could win this! Anderson tossed a handful of blades. All
were shot down. A bullet slammed into Anderson's hand shattering the blade it
held. Guns! the tips of Jackel and Cassul apeared out of the mess of Vladicard's
cape. That was shrugged away as a new and familiar form replaced Vladicard's.

"13 mm explosive bullets, casings, macedonian steel, tips, merqury. Jackal! Its
perfection Walter!"

Anderson dashed forward again clutching two blades. Alucard fired a few shots
from the Cassul. Anderson blocked all shots. Alucard fired one round from the
Jackal. The bullet punched through Anderson's left hand, shattering the blade,
and clipped his arm where it exploded nearly taking the limb clean off. Anderson
did not stop despite the massive pain. He only continued to slash at Alucard.
Anderson found he only hit familiars. Alucard himself dashed back and landed on
a pile of rubble surrounded by the mindless creatures.


"What's wrong christian? Your monster is right here! Fight through all that I am
and pierce my heart with thoes blessed blades of yours! You are just like thoes
men 100 years ago!"

Anderson bit down on his almost dead arm, lifting it. He handed it a blade which
he weakly grasped and pulled out another. He dashed forward hacking and
slashing. His movement only stopped when he got to the horsemen. They charged
him at a blinding speed. Gunshots rang out. The horses fell to the ground.
Anderson's head whipped around.

"Ve are Gott's earthly agents of divine punishment. Maxvell ist dead und zat
makes you ze temporairy leader off Iscariot fazer Anderson. Ve off Iscariot vill
follow you to ze very bowls off Hell."

Anderson smiled. Perhaps he could pull this off afterall. Henikel and the rest
of Iscariot were stupid enough to throw their lives away? So be it! It would be
for a good cause. Iscariot swarmed the familiars and created an opening for
anderson. He jumped through a cloud of smoke and landed before Alucard.

"Ahahahaha! Well done Iscariot! Just what I would expect from you! From the
great Alexander Anderson!"

Anderson reached into his coat and pulled out a slender box labeled 'Section
XIII Iscariot'.

"Is that your trump card priest?"

"Aye. Yee aren't tae only un carrying a weapon of mass destruction."

Anderson crushed the box with his hand and held the contents. Alucard's sadistic
smile fell immediatly. Anderson took that as a good sign.


"Wha are yee talking about?"

"Look in your hand priest."

Anderson glanced in his hand. He was holding a bag of skittles! Anderson blushed
and tossed the bag behind him. Alucard reached out.

"No! Damn I wanted thoes!"

Anderson rummaged around in his coat till he found the RIGHT box. He broke that
one and held a glowing blue nail.

"The nail of Helena!?! Do you intend to turn yourself into a monster of God!
Don't become like me human! Don't become a monster like me. To become a monster
is to admit you are too weak to go on being human. It takes a man to kill a
monster. If you become a monster you cannot kill me."

"Ah danne believe tha yee monster. Ah will send yee tae Hell!"

Anderson fliped the nail around and fell to his knees.


Both Anderson and Alucard looked at the speaker. It was Seras.

"Why do you two have to fight? You both fight for the same cause. Punishing the
wicked. Why does Hellsing and Iscariot have to fight?"

"He is pure evil. He must be destroyed."

"Alex. You killed off most of his familiars, severing his connection to the
past. Don't you believe in forgivness? Didn't you save me?"

Anderson lowered the nail. He hated the fact she used the weapons logic and

"Perhaps she has a point Alucard."

Alucard also looked down. The moment was lost. He no longer felt hatred twards
his rival. He had lost his reason to fight.

"I don't like it when you two fight. Master is like a father to me and you

Seras couldn't complete the sentance. She only blushed madly.
Anderson left the arena and grabbed Seras in a hug. She hugged back. Alucard sat
down on the pile of rubble. No hate, no nothing to work with. Even his familiars
settled down.

Up in the Deus Ex Machina Herr Major tapped his fingers repeatedly against the
arm of his chair. For once the war HE had fabricated and engeneered had left the
palm of his hand. For once in his deranged life Herr Major wasn't smiling or

"Captain Hans Gunsche of Letze Batalion. Release Dark Valter!"

Hans turned and left.

"Zat b*tch. She vas unexpected. She must be destroyed along vith her master und
zat damn priest!"

Soon a figure dropped from the Deus Ex Machina and hit the ground. It was ready
for a fight 55 years in the making!

To be continued
Reuploaded! Enjoy!

I do not own the characters used!
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