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Hans and Seras spent about a month to
plan out strategies as well as emergency
meeting points and scouting. Hans had
timed it perfectly. He would attack in
the afternoon the day of the full moon.
It would be the day he was strongest and
keep him away from Seras. Hans had said
goodbye and rented a lardge truck. He
drove into one of the effected villages.
No one was out, big surprise. His nose was
clogged with the smell of vampire. It wasnt
the smell of a true vampire, like Alucard's
and Seras'. No, it was the smell of artifical
FREAKS. The smell alone was enough to kick
up a massive dose of rage in the Captain.
Hans stopped the truck and walked to the
nearest home. He gave a sharp knock. No
one answered, go figure. Hans lashed out
his foot, splintering the door. He took a
look around. The house was littered with
the bodies of a family. There was some food
on the table, Hans walked over and put a hand
over it. It was slightly warm. Hans then
walked over to one of the bodies and stuck
a finger into a pool of blood. Rubbing the
blood in between his fingers he came to a
conclusion. 'Zese are freash kills, but vere
are ze vampires?' Hans walked outside and
bardged into a few other homes. He found the
same thing in each. Some bodies however were
more decayed than others. All viciously torn
appart, none eaten, no ghouls. Hans walked to
the center of the village truly perplexed.
He then heard muffled voices. Turning he saw
a church. 'You haff got to be kidding me.'
Hans walked up to a large set of wooden doors.
He gave a few light knocks. The voices fell
silent. 'Bingo.' Hans punched the door and it
splintered. Hans walked inside. Every pew was
full. There was a priest at the alter. "See?
Our lord sent us another meal!" The villagers
at the pew started to snarl and bear fangs.
They stopped after a few seconds. They were
confused. Their last few meals either pissed
themselves and dropped dead right there or
they tried to run away. But this was different,
Hans wasnt flinching. "Hmm. You dont smell like
a vampire, yet you dont smell human." Hans pulled
out his Mauser C96s. "My what an impressive sized
gun. Alas a gun could never kill a vampire." With
out so much as a thought Hans brought up the gun
and fired. The false priest's head was blown off.
His body colapsed and stayed down. "B-blessed!
Thoes bullets are blessed!" The vampires
recoiled in terror. Some surged forward in
anger. They suffered the same fate as the
priest. Some were cowering in corners and
others were trying to flee. They all met the
same fate. Hans sighed and walked back to his
truck once the scent of FREAK was gone. He was
splattered with blood and gore. 'Great, I get
to do zis zree more times.'


It was midnight when Hans got back to the
Hotel. The porter saw Hans and tilted his
head. "Did you foreget something Sir?" Hans
shook his head. "But I thought you checked
out hours ago." Hans paled a bit. He ran up
the stairs as fast as he could and reached
the room. 'Please God, dont tell me vhat I
zink happened.' In effect God told Hans to
piss off. The place was totalled. Couches
were gutted. The bed was over turned and the
T.V. smashed. Hans searched the place top to
bottom and found nither hide nor hair of Seras.
He did find on the dining table a map, a note
that said 'meet me here', a piece of Seras' uniform,
and pinning it all to the table a large dagger.
Hans growled in rage. He silently promised he
wouldnt let any harm befall the draculina.

To be continued
Oh no! What happened to our sweet :iconserasplz: ? And guess what. I am bringing in a character from the Hellsing anime! Can you guess who it is?

I do not own the characters used
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