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Seras awoke to an alarm blaring right next to her ear. She bolted upright and got doused by ice water. Rip stood with an empty bucket and Shrodinger with an air horn. Hans stood behind the two smirking. Rip pipped up at Seras whos eyes where now blazing red but soon returned to a golden color.

"It ist ok Seras! Ve do zis to all new recruits! However officers get un extra hour off sleep."

Seras rolled out of bed smirking and padded over to the bathroom. She turned on the warm water but heard wispering outside. Evil wispering. Seras shrugged it off and went into the shower. What she didnt hear was a certain cat-boy teleporting into the room and stealing her uniform AND towel. Soon Seras turned the water off and stepped out feeling refreashed. She felt the towel rack and felt nothing. She paled and realized she was missing a few things. Outside a giggling Schro stood with a poleroid camera. The door creeked open a few inches checking the coast.  Seras saw no one especially not the grinning cat-boy just out of sight. Seras stepped out and was hit by the flashing of a camera.

"What the!? SHRODINGER!"

Seras kicked Schrodinger square in the balls and crushed the camera retaking her belongings and dressing. She stepped out of the bathroom slightly pissed. Rip walked into the room.

"Sorry for das but no matter vhat rank all off das vhervolfs get a free prank on jou! Schro und I are already out so jou can relax around us."

Seras wimpered slightly. She followed Rip down to the mess hall. She sat down and yelped in surprise. She pulled a tack from her butt. Jan was rolling on the floor laughing. Luke rolled his eyes. Tublecain leaned forward and held out five cards.

"Hey Seras you want to play a guessing game?"

Seras shrugged and picked a card. Queen of daimonds. Then something happened she didnt expect. The card exploded covering her face in soot.

"Im guessing by the size of the explosion it was the queen of daimonds right?"

Seras only coughed a cloud of soot. Luke handed her a wipe which she took. Seras started to wipe off the soot.

"Now lets get to buisness and order food."

"Oh who are jou kidding Luke? Ve only drink blood. Seras, Schrodinger, Und Herr Captain get to order food."

Luke spoke. "About that I took the liberty of ordering for Ms. Victoria."

"Oh? Thank you Luke!"

Soon the cheif served her the largest steak she had ever seen. She quickly went to work on it.

"Er is it always this dry?"

Luke grinned. "Nope. Just yours. Lined with very minute and non deadly serving of silver."

Seras coughed up a small fireball and ran off for water. She left the table howling with laughter. That left that Doctor, Major, Zorin, and Captain Hans. All of which she didnt want to think about. Then she heard it over the speakers.

"Kaptain Victoria down to das medical room."

Seras shuttered and did as she was told finding her way down to the room. The doctor was mixing some chemicals.

"Ah jou are here. Sit zere please so ve may begin a standard medical procedure."


As Dok promised it was a standard medical procedure untill he pulled out a massive needle.

"Now to sedate jou so ve may fix jou."


Dok couldnt keep his straight face. He dropped the needle and fell to the floor laughing. Seras huffed and ran out. She soon ran into Hans who took her to the firing range. On the way Zorin stepped out and handed her a rifle.

"Here I made zis especially for jou mutt."

"I dont think so! Youre not getting me with this!"

Zorin had on a genually hurt face.

"B-but I m-m-made zis for jou!"

Seras now being Seras immediatly felt bad and took the gun with her. Zorin immediatly started cackling with laughter and lit a cigarette. Rip stepped out of the shadows.

"She take das bait?"

"Hook, line, und sinker."

At the range the gun exploded and Seras was once again covered in soot. But then pranks stopped and it was serious mode. Hans wanted to teach her to shoot like a lycanthrope.

"Now imagine a zird eye in das center off jour head. Aim from zere. But dont only use das. Hear jour target und smell it."

It was dark in the game reserve but Seras could see, hear, sense, and smell the deer she stalked. The bullet erupted from the barrel and hit the deer in the chest. Seras smiled and ran over. She dragged the deer all the way to the mess hall and had the Cheif cook up vennison for her and Hans. Once the plate of food was infront of her Major sat down opposite of her. Then Schrodinger tapped her shoulder.

"Vhat are jou doing Seras?"

"Uh Im about to eat."

"Eat vhat exactly? Zere ist notzing infront of jou."

"Yes there i- ..."

Seras turned around and looked at an empty plate and a Major with flecks of food on his cheeks. Seras groaned and slammed her head down on the table. Major only chuckled and walked away his prank complete. Seras sat with her head on the table wondering if she would ever eat. She heard  a sliding sound on the table. She looked up and saw Hans gave her a portion of his steak. Seras was immediatly cautious concidering he was the only one left to mess with her. Hans noticed her sudden caution and smiled reasuringly telling her it was ok. Seras shugged and figured what didnt kill her could only make her stronger. Seras ate and found nothing wrong with the food. Hans smirked and motioned for her to follow him. On the way back to his quarters Seras voiced a question she had been harboring.

"Uh Captain Hans. Since you bit me does that mean I will transform?"

He nodded and pointed to a calander. The date really.

"Wait thats today! Will it be painful?"

"Only das first time."

Seras nodded slightly frightened now. He led her to the large double doors labled 'Game Reserve'. He opened the large doors and led Seras in to a large domed area with a small forest.  Seras' keen sences told her the place was well stocked with all sorts of animals. Hans tapped a button on a remote and the dome started opening. It showed off a briliant full moon. Hans had Seras sit down and remove her great-coat and hat.

"Jou might vant to remove zoes too."

Seras blushed to her core. "No! .. I mean no its ok. I have more than one uniform now."

Hans shrugged. "Suit jourself. Now ve vait."

Seras enjoyed being bathed in the moon's light. It made her feel like a child again brimming with energy. What she didnt notice was the Captain was plotting. He had yet to prank her and had just the perfect idea. He tapped her on the shoulder and pointed just past her.

"Ist das a deer?"

"I dont see any- mmph!"

Seras was cut off when she turned back. She was kissed square on the lips by the Captain. She nearly melted into him and she grew feverish hot. She became worried when her tempature was physically increasing. The Captain smirked and backed off.

"It ist happening. Oh newbloods are so fun to vatch."

Seras heard a dull clicking noise and realized it has her bones realigning themselves. There was a sound like muffled glass cracking. Her bones where moving and her muscles increasing in size. A dull ripping sound was heard as her clothes started to tear. She then felt thousands of needles push out of her skin which was actually wiry hairs. Her nails elongated and started to bleed. With the excrutiating pain came a certain extacy. Her gums split and bled when her teeth grew out into small daggers. Her face elongated into a muzzle and her feet grew out into perfect wolf hind legs. After a few minutes that seemed like an eternaty Seras' transformation was complete and she flopped down both exausted and full of energy. Soon a giant white wolf walked up to the smaller blonde one. Seras recognised the scent of her master Captain Hans Gunsche. The captain nuzzled her and helped her up to all four of her legs. Then another wolf showed up. This one was blonde like Seras only he had a black muzzle and ears and his paws and the tip of his tail was black. Seras soon spied her own tail after she recognised the wolf as Schrodinger and began chasing her own tail. Hans and Schrodinger stood watching entirly amused. The Captain barked when Seras had enough fun. He nuzzled her again in the flank encouraging her to move forward. She did so and smelled a deer. She took off immediatly. The deer startled from its patch of grass took off. Seras matched the deer in speed and delighted as it danced and swerved in terror. When Seras tired of the chase she slammed into the deer knocking it into the ground. Her jaws scissored into its neck resulting in her meal falling. She instinctivly knew where to go. She went to the liver first for it was the most nutricious and tore off a hind leg and brought it to Hans who took it with gratitude. She went back over to the deer carcass with Hans and Schro in tow. She howled in triumph and tore into the deer. once she was done she curled into herself for comfort. Hans curled around her. Seras then felt strength bleed away and she felt a bit suffocated as she srunk in size. She sat nude against Hans' larger furry form. Schro brought over her great-coat and layed it over her. Seras soon drifted off.

To be continued
Ch.03 oooohhhhh

I do not own the hellsing cast!
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