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The Captain walked Seras swiftly to the control room. Herr Major a pudgy man in a white suit with blonde hair that was comed down and combed over his right eye. He was sitting in his usual seat striking random conversation with the doctor who was in his usual blood-stained coat and gloves. The Captain walked up with Seras and clicked his heels together and stood straighter if that was possible.

"Hm? Who ist zis?"

Seras walked up boldly. "I am Seras Victoria former police officer of the village of Cheddar which was destroyed."

"Oh." The Major got up and walked over. "It ist un pleasure officer Victoria. I am Herr Sturmbannfuhrer Montanna Max of das Letztes Battalion over seer of Operation Seelow 2"

Seras suddently felt a bit smaller than she should have. She knew that this man could crush her beneath his pinkey if he felt he wanted to.

"I .. Uh it is a plesure too H-Herr Stur ... what was it again?"

The Major chuckled his cheeks puffing up and down. "Sturmbannfuhrer. In english it ist Major."

"Oh .. OH! I see now!"

The Major smiled and ruffled the girl's hair. "Herr Captain find zis girl un SS uniform. I vill bestow uppon her das rank off Hampshtenfuhrer due to jour 'gift' to her."

The Captain nodded and ushered Seras to follow him. She soon ended up in the largest quarters she had ever seen. A large double bunk bed sat in the corner opposite to a large 70" plasma TV But what really caught her attention was the massive double doors set in one wall.

"What is that!?"

Hans pointed to a large almost impossible to not notice sign above the doors that read 'Game reserve'.

"Oh .. Sorry! You know I never got your name."

The Captain held out his dog tags and covered his rank so she wouldnt be confused.

"Hans Gunsche?"

The Captain nodded.

"What does Hamshtenfuhrer mean anyway?"

He pointed to himself.


He nodded again and pulled an SS uniform out of the closet for her. She looked at the uniform slightly uncomfortable but waiting for Hans to leave. It was clear he wasnt going anywhere anytime soon. Seras blushed to her core under Captain Has' unblinking stare. She slid off his great-coat and quickly put on the top part of her new uniform. She did the same with the lower half flinging her jeans to the side and adopting the black pants of the SS. Hans reached for his coat but she slapped his hand away and put it on. The Captain inwardly chuckled and reached into the closet. He pulled out a black great-coat for her. She thought for a moment and accepted it and a matching hat.

"Come vitz me. Tublecain Alhambra hosts poker games on fridays."

Seras followed her new supervisor to a new room labled officer's club. Rip and Schro where sittting at a table with a hispanic looking man with a cream colored suit and pencil thin moustache.  There was also another woman with tatoos covering the entire right side of her body and a lazy eye. She was also ripped beyond belief. Captain Hans sat and gestured for Seras to join him. The Hispanic man glanced up.

"Who is this Herr captain? She new?"

The Captain nodded and gestured to Seras' rank on her new dog tags.

"Oh my apologies Captain ...?"

"Oh Victoria! Seras Victoria."

"Greetings. I am Tublecain Alhambra. My friends call me the Dandy Man."

"Hi dandy!"

"F*cken hell bro!"

Two new men walked in. One in white and the other in black. One had many piercings and his hair was hidden by a cap with a golden eye on it. The classier man wore glasses and had long blonde hair. He also had a cigarette in his mouth. he stopped and raised an eyebrow.

"Who might I ask are you?"

"Yea who the f*ck are you?"

"Jan what did I tell you about your mouth?"

"Who gives a f*ck bro!"

"Well to answer your question I am Captain Seras Victoria."

"Oh! My aplogies for my brother. I am Warrent officer Luke Valentine."

"F*cken hell bro! She is here for two seconds and she already out ranks me! What makes HER so special."

A low growl could be bairly heard from Hans' person. Rip glared a Jan who shut up immediatly. He had seen Rip go off once and it wasnt pretty.

"For jour information Jan Herr Kaptain bit Kaptain Victoria. She ist far more powerful zen jou! Vhat do jou do Jan? All jou do ist shoot und rape. Und jou suck at botz!"

Jan took a seat without another word. Dandy delt out more cards and delt out shots.

"To the new officer."

All in unison aside from Jan raise their glass. "Here here!"

Seras put on an innocent face and Hans knew by instinct something was up.

"But dandy I havent played a game in years and that was only once."

"Its ok Im sure we will go easy on you. Right guys."

All others mumbled in an agreement. Then in about an hour Seras was systematically taking each of the werewolf squadren out. Over bidding them and even drinking them under the table. Seras no longer had an innocent face but a maniacle grin set itself in place on her face. All that was left was Captain Hans and Seras. They where even on money but Seras stood.

"*yawn* I think I will cash in and go to bed."

The Captain had a 'how did you do that' look on his face.

"I worked at a bar before I became an officer. You caught me on the first day on the job."

The Captain rolled his eyes and cashed in his chips too. Seras followed the Captain to his room but was cut off by Zorin von Blitz the butch she-vamp.

"Jou zink jou are so much better zen us dont jou fido!"

Seras tried to remain calm. "Oh no! I bet you could easily overpower me! Im sure you are smarter than me too!"

Zorin snorted. "Hmph. Youre ok kid. Youre also lucky that Major would haff mein head if I attacked a superior officer. I vouldnt press mein luck zough."

Zorin lowered her scythe unblocking the door. Seras did all but sprint out of the room. She got to Hans' quarters and knocked politely. The door opened and Hans let her in. Seras hung up her great-coat on the bed post and turned to Hans.

"Do I get PJs or do I just konck out in this?"

Hans gestured to a suitcase on the top bunk. Seras recognised it as hers.

"Oh! How?"

"Millennium hast allies everyvere."

Seras smiled and changed into her silk nightgown noting that she felt less uncomfortable than before. She jumped up in bed and pulled one more thing out of her suitcase. It was a wolf plush. Hans raised an eyebrow.

"What! I had it since I was small."

Hans continued to stare. "Smaller."

Hans smirked and climed into bed.

"Jour training begins tomarrow."

"I was afraid of that."

To be continued
Ch.02 is here!

I own no characters used!
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